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Welcome to Scrap It PLUS. We offer a unique experience. We have classes, items to sell, memberships, crops, and special events. We have tools to complete your projects, or we can offer you OUR tools. Come have a great time with us.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Parties at Scrap It PLUS

Birthday parties were very popular at Scrap It PLUS this summer. Whether it was 6 year olds or a combination of ages, all had a great time. I am so impressed by those who told me they still have their piece they painted as a child. I realize how very important this service is.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For a Scrapbook or for Home Decor! Beautiful piece of work that YOU can make. Easy and Fun! We of course are offering a class with JO! Fun Fun Fun at... SCRAP IT PLUS

Paint Pottery PLUS

Bring your friends or family and come on down to our little workshop in Scrap it PLUS. You will have a great time sitting down and painting some pottery. Over 100 different colors to choose from and many different things to PAINT! All you got to do is Pick a piece of pottery, Pick a color and grab a brush!


Make a necklace out of METAL! Where? Scrap it PLUS of course. This is an excellent Christmas gift of maybe just a simple gift or yourself! We offer classes as well. Fun to make and gorgeous to wear. You'll have all your friends asking where you bought it.

Tim Holtz Configuration Box!

The new and brilliant idea of putting small, little objects into boxes and then stacking them is now at Scrap it PLUS! Great decoration for your home. Tiny memories all in this great CREATION. We also have classes to take if you would like to learn how to make one of these.
So WHY NOT come on down to Scrap it PLUS and make one yourself or with a friend!
Below is a picture of the configuration box you would make in class.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Painting on Furniture "TWIGS"

Sign up for the next class -- This is JUST too much fun.

Oh, how much fun is this -- We are painting on furniture. We started out learning by creating a coat rack. Here Kim has designed her coat rack, and is now using the wood burner to create the pattern. Do you have to be able to draw -- No No No-- We have over 1000 dies that you can use to make a stencil of your choice. And remember, this is an expression of yourself -- so embrace you -- and remember at Scrap It PLUS, there are no mistakes.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Card Challenges

I love to do challenges that are presented. I used to do many of the challenges at SplitCoastStampers. After I opened the business, there was no time. But, I decided to do a few as the spirit moved me. . . not as I "had time" -- there is NEVER enough time.

Here are two cards I made for the challenges -- One was for a Clean and Simple design. Clean and simple is always hard for me -- I love layers, texture, more layers, etc. Can't do that with Clean and Simple.

The second is for two challenges-- One was to use staples on your card. The second was to use an inspiration. So here they are